Wild Ark Shows People How to Help the Environment While Helping Themselves to a Great Vacation

There’s a general rule in camping that one should always leave a site in the same state as one found it in. It’s an old idea that predates a lot of environmental concerns. But even today it stands as one of the best ways to keep a natural environment safe for future generations. However, there’s a new type of camping that actually helps improve exotic wilderness locations. It’s sometimes known as ecotourism, and it’s rapidly becoming a popular pastime for people who care about the environment. Learn more: https://ideamensch.com/mark-hutchinson/


The best way to talk about ecotourism is by looking at an example. An organization called Wild Ark offers something known as a 7 day African wilderness experience. Obviously, the broader strokes of the tour involve going to Africa for seven days. But what’s really notable is how that’s accomplished. People are led by Shangaan trackers. These expert guides will take people all over Africa, and Botswana in particular. People will have the chance to not only see preservation projects in action. They’ll have a chance to actually live within those projects. It’s one thing to look at pictures of majestic elephants or zebras in a book. It’s quite another to find oneself standing only feet away from them. The experience of the guides allows people the chance to experience all of that in complete safety. Learn more: http://wildark.com/study-the-wild/


This leads to one of the most important points about the organization which offers the tour. Wild Ark occupies a unique position in the world of tourism. This harkens back to the idea of leaving a campsite in the condition one found it in. Wild Ark is dedicated to actually improving a location through every person who visits the area. They’re able to accomplish this by working closely with natives in the area and with conservation projects. When people book a tour the money goes to help preserve both the natural environments, and the lives of the people within it. In the end, Wild Ark knows that the best preservation comes from the people who actually live near and within those environments. By involving locals in tourism, they’re also involving them in preservation of the area’s natural beauty. Everyone gets something from a Wild Ark tour (https://au.pinterest.com/wild_ark/). And that’s one of the biggests truths about environmentalism. When done right, environmentalism should help the entire world. Learn more: http://www.huffingtonpost.com.au/2016/10/20/mick-fanning-the-conservationist-first-look-at-his-expedition-t/