Daniel Taub met Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth on 2011 for the first time. He presented his valuable credentials from the Government of Israel which declared him the ambassador of Israel to the UK.

Daniel Taub was asked by the Queen how he felt in representing the country he acquired citizenship.However, Daniel said he was privileged to raise his family in the UK, and it will be an opportunity to bring the United Kingdom and Israeli closer during his tenure as an ambassador. Learn more about Daniel Taub: and

From the time he started serving the role of the ambassador, the relationship between the two countries was fostered and enhanced. The bilateral trade between Israel and UK doubled which proved to be essential to the economy of the two nations.

The bilateral trade grew to over $ 7 billion per annum. Israel citizens set up many business ventures in the UK compared to other previous years. In his four years as an ambassador, the links in education, business and culture took a positive turn with a significant deepening.

Daniel Taub as a diplomat he was a peace negotiator and flew to North Ireland together with a Palestinian counterpart to discuss and agree on the peace between Israel and Palestine. Being a peaceful person, he also played a part in negotiating peace between the Syria and Israeli when they had a civil war. He oversaw the International Court of Justice in Israel.

He took part in various political, legal and diplomatic positions in the Israel government. He once served in the Yad Hanadiv Foundation in Jerusalem. Daniel Taub served as VP and legal advisor to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as well as in Geneva and New York with Israel Missions to the UN.

Daniel Taub has exceptional knowledge in international law. He has vast experience in dealing with counter-terrorism legislation and laws of wars. He presented the Israeli in a lawsuit that was conducted by the United Nations investigative committee at a time of the Gaza fleet.

Daniel Taub has proven to be an eloquent speaker with quality speaking skills. He is known by many CNN, Sky News and Newsnight viewers for his humor. He has spoken at many international conferences concerning peace and unity.

Daniel Taub was awarded the Grassroot Diplomat Initiative after starting Bizcamp start-up competition which was featured by Google as a way of enhancing foreign trade. He has authored various books and articles on Israel and the Middle East. He is known by many as a diplomat, author, international attorney and an ambassador.