Robert Santiago’s Best Franchise In Brazil

Robert Santiago is a strategic visionary who has fine-tuned his entire life to maximize his performance in entrepreneurship and business administration. Robert began his first business on teenhood. The firm was a cartonnage company that processed requests from small and big clients alike to manufacture cartons that fit their budget. He joined the University Canter of Joao Pessoa to pursue an undergraduate degree in business administration. After graduating, he purchased a huge piece of land in his home town Joao Pessoa which he later used to develop world class real estate.


Robert developed the Manaira Shopping Mall as a small center in 1989 and reformed it over the years to become one of Brazil’s biggest malls. The strategic positioning of the building was an intentional motive by Robert Pessoa that has proven beneficial for visitors, business owners in the mall and ultimately himself as the owner of the building. Manaira Shopping Mall is located in Joao Pessoa in Paraiba next to the ocean, making it an excellent stop over place for beach lovers and tourists. It is also in a perfect position in comparison to the adjacent road, and private transport means.


The Manaira Mall has 280 stores, 11 movie theatres, three of which have the 3D technology, a vast gaming area that is approximately 1200 square feet, all genres of restaurants and banks. The mall has a five-star hotel that is suitable for exquisite dining services as well as fast food shops for regular foods. The food court was exceedingly expanded in 2008 after the mall’s launch to include dining restaurants such as Waynes, Capital Steakhouse and Espaco Gourmet. The Manaira has a university campus, hence explaining the booming number of young people in the mall at all times. There are more than three banks in the building, which make the shopping experience a delight. The gym room has modern, up-to-date equipment and expert trainers who attend to clients at all designated times.


The most attractive feature of the Manaira is the Domus Hall at the building’s rooftop. The Domus Hall can house 8000 people and offers a beautiful view of the city. The space hosts live performances, concerts, exhibitions, cultural events and huge conferences. Robert Manaira often sponsors local artists to perform at the Domus Hall as a way of paying tribute to the local community.


Robert Manaira’s establishment of the Manaira has earned Paraiba a higher standing in the economy. The mall offers businesses a suitable location to operate and possibly expand their affluence. The locals also have increased opportunities to find decent paying jobs in the mall. Robert is a serial entrepreneur with more than just the Manaira shopping mall. His expertise has