Rick Shinto and His Career Awards

Rick Shinto, CEO and President of InnovaCare Health as not only accomplished some of the greatest feats in managed care, but he has also managed to win numerous awards for his leadership and massive success. Shinto, a medical doctor as well as an M.B.A. has captured the attention of numerous companies, seeking out someone with his knowledge both clinically and in regards to operations within the managed care marketplace.

Prior to his career with InnovaCare, Shinto was the President and CEO of Aveta Inc., another managed care company. His role in management has never been too far from the top, always excelling and winning awards for his commitment to excellence. While serving as the CEO of Aveta Inc., Shinto received the Ernst and Young Award, an award for entrepreneurship that is awarded each year in the service category.

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The main concern for Shinto has always been service as well as quality. The quality assurance that InnovaCare Health focuses on is one of the reasons why this managed care company has become one of the top providers of managed care plans in Puerto Rico, and one of the fastest growing companies in the United States. Shinto’s continued commitment to excellence is one of the reasons why he has been recognized for entrepreneurship as well as for his experience in the medical field. Additionally, Shinto has been highly sought after for his business acumen, and how he runs things from an operational standpoint.

Having won the Earnst and Young award, one of the most prestigious awards in business, it is no surprise that Shinto continues to be sought after as one of the most innovative thinkers in managed care. Aveta Inc., one of the largest providers of managed care in the United States, helped to put Shinto on the map as the CEO of choice, and the model to follow when it comes to running a managed care company.

Today, Rick Shinto continues to lead InnovaCare Health in the right direction, and continues to help them increase their profitability regardless of the economy. Shinto looks to the future in a positive light, as an opportunity to continue to serve people with healthcare. Learn more about the company at Businesswire.com.