Philanthropic Causes Supported by Betsy DeVos

Betsy DeVos is a reform activist who kicked off her political ambitions at Calvin College when she was actively involved in campus politics. For over three decades now, Mrs. DeVos has been engaged in several campaigns, political activities and party leadership position including serving as Republican Party chairperson in Michigan. Her reform agenda is pursued through several nonprofit initiatives. A few years ago, Philanthropy interviewed Betsy about her involvement in educational reforms, and in particular school choice program. Through Betsy’s philanthropic work, about 1/4million students are able to access quality education in both private and publicly funded school choice program. The students come from 33 schools spread across 17 states and the District of Columbia. According to Mrs. DeVos, there is acceleration in the expansion of this movement. Read more about their foundation at

Poor Performance of Public Schools

Mrs. DeVos was motivated to start education reforms in the United States after realizing kids from public schools were failing terribly. In fact, many parents had developed the perception that public schools were not the best to send their children to learn. Betsy DeVos explained a situation where she encountered parents who struggled to afford tuition fees for their kids who were learning at a school in Grand Rapids (Potter’s House Christian School). This school targeted kids from poor family backgrounds, although to some it was still hard to afford school fees. Since it was the same school Mrs. DeVos sent her own kids, she visited the school many times, and she decided to start supporting specific students. In 1990, her husband Dick DeVos vied for an elective post at the State Board of Education in Michigan, which he was elected. On the other hand Betsy started a foundation which focused on providing scholarships to kids from less-privileged families. This is how Betsy DeVos began her philanthropy initiative to help kids access quality education in the United States.

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Career History of Betsy DeVos

After Donald J. Trump was elected the President of the United States, he nominated Betsy DeVos as his secretary of education, and later the Senate confirmed her to that position. For close to three decades, Secretary DeVos has actively participated in education reforms, advocating for under-served kids to access the right quality of education. Using her experience in the education sector, Secretary DeVos will help President Trump in providing equal opportunities to all American kids in accessing quality education. Her main objective as secretary of education is to champion for states and localities to resume control of the education sector. Before her appointment by Trump, Mrs. DeVos served at The Windquest Group as the chairperson. She has served on boards of several organizations, both civic and charitable. Betsy DeVos received her Arts Degree from Calvin College.