Monthly Affordable Workout Apparel Offered by Fabletics

Often, you can find quality brands that are out of your budget or affordable clothing that is terrible quality and only last for a few workouts. Seeing that there was a need for affordable, yet quality workout clothing, Kate Hudson helped launch the apparel company, Fabletics. The goal at Fabletics is to inspire people to live a healthy and active lifestyle while wearing stylish and comfortable clothing. Their clothing is affordable and offered to their customers based on a monthly membership service plan.


When you start with Fabletics, you will get your first outfit at a reduced price. You can also choose other items at a discount, once you are a VIP member. To help you choose your outfit, you can take a quiz to help determine your lifestyle and exercise preferences, to help narrow down the choices on the site. This will save you time searching the entire site for that perfect outfit. Then, every month, handpicked outfits will be sent to you to choose from, or you can pull together your own outfit. You will then receive a two to three piece outfit for your low monthly membership fee.


The clothing at Fabletics is soft, comfortable, and made from the highest quality fabrics. Their clothing lasts through many launderings, doesn’t fade, and keeps its shape and compression looking great for many workouts. This is why so many customers come back month after month. Their clothing is always trendy and stylish, you can wear it in your daily life. The prices and quality that they receive, keeps their customers happy and loyal.


When many traditional stores are losing sales to online stores, Fabletics is actually opening physical stores to help their online business. Physical stores lose customers when they come in their stores to see items but then go online to purchase those items cheaper. In Fabletics stores, when their members try items on in the store, the item is also put in their shopping cart to be purchased later if desired. Their stores and online business work hand in hand together to provide better customer service to their members. While up to half of those who enter their stores are already members, another quarter sign up to be members while they are in the store. Their stores are helping expand their loyal monthly customer base while giving their members the apparel and services they are looking for.


All of these things have helped Fabletics to become a multi-million dollar company in just a few years.  By selling directly to their members, they are able to offer them superior customer service and know what styles they are looking for, so they are sure to always get outfits they love. These reasons are why Fabletics continues to grow and have a loyal customer base that continues to shop with them and recommend it to their friends.


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