Marc Sparks: a True Success:

Marc Sparks is a well known business professional. He is presently the president and founder of Timber Creek Capital. In addition, Marc Sparks has hopes of becoming an accomplished writer. Sparks is working on his first book called “They Can’t Eat you”. This book will give tips and insight on how to become a successful Entrepreneur at a young age.


Timber Creek Capital is a unique organization that focuses upon helping the young entrepreneur realize his or her true ambitions. In addition, the organization wants to help these young entrepreneurs turn their dreams and ambitions into top revenue dollars.


Timber Creek Capital can assist in providing office equipment, office space as well as capital to help a business or organization achieve success from start to finish. Timber Creek also provides banking, networking, graphic arts, web development, legal services and customer service support to organizations just starting out in a particular industry. Timber Creek can guide and support young entrepreneurs with specialized services that can surely make them a success.


Marc Sparks emphasizes the importance of efficient customer service when running a business organization. Quality Customer Service is essential for success. However, Sparks points out that very few organizations really do offer satisfactory customer service.


Handling customer inquiries and complaints are two important things that customer service should handle as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Keeping the chain of communication open between customer and the organization is what keeps everyone happy. More importantly effective customer service keeps the revenue pouring in. Keeping a substantial amount of revenue flowing within the company is what keeps the company in business and allows for continuous growth and expansion. Marc Sparks has quoted many times that “Customer Service is the life blood of any organization“.


Marc Sparks stresses the importance of possessing strong leadership qualities. Being able to formulate a business plan and effectively communicate that plan to the employees is what makes any business or organization a super-strong one. Being able to take charge without being influenced by any outside negative factors is key to becoming a true entrepreneur. The term “Follow the Leader” certainly applies here.


The Timber Creek web site is informative and is updated on a daily basis. In addition, the web site contains a blog which serves as a guide for ambitious entrepreneurs. Also, the up and coming book “They Can’t Eat you” is openly discussed on the web site. Please see