How Troy McQuagge is setting an Example for other Corporate Executives

Troy McQuagge is considered to be one of the most influential individuals in the United States. At the moment, Troy is serving as the president for an insurance company known as the USHEALTH Group. As the chairperson of the large institution, Troy has been instrumental in the growth of the healthcare department.

Just recently, the successful leader was given the CEO of the Year Award. Getting the special award is not a walk in the park. The professionals nominated in this position have to prove to the world that they are good leaders. Troy was awarded due to his numerous accomplishments at the healthcare company.

Troy McQuagge has always been an accomplished business administrator, and he has served in several companies. Although he had worked in several organizations in the past, the businessman was given a position at the prestigious company in the year 2010. Read more: Troy McQuagge Honored as Most Innovative CEO of the Year: Insurance in the Annual 2016 CEO World Awards

The company gave him the top position for several reasons. First of all, Troy had served in several leadership positions for a long time, and he had proven to the top management that he had an exemplary performance record.

Troy has a lot of expertise too when it comes to healthcare matters. This is because the businessman has worked at the USHEALTH Group in several positions. His success at other positions motivated the leadership team to appoint her to the top. The experienced CEO has also been serving in other companies, and he has all the knowledge needed to make a company flourish.

Troy McQuagge has a rich educational background, and this is also one of the reasons he has done so well in his career. According to his portfolio, the businessman went to some of the best schools in the world to acquire his education, and this is why he has been so successful.

His parents were ordinary individuals who wanted their son to have the best education, and they invested so much money to make him a successful leader. Whenever he is not working at the USHEALTH Group, Troy McQuagge loves to spend time with his family.The businessman enjoys helping needy people in the society too.