How Richard Mishaan Design Helps New Yorkers Live Better

Richard Mishaan is the owner of his own interior design company in New York City, Richard Mishaan Design, LLC. He started this firm in February of 1991 and over the years has redesigned many rooms, homes, and other locations. He is also the owner of Homer, a retail shop and gallery also located in New York City. He founded Homer in September of 1997 and provides furniture, lighting, accessories, and textiles to his customers.

Richard Mishaan grew up with a strong interest in interior design. He attended the Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture, Planning & Preservation. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Architecture and Real Estate Development which he earned in 1983.

In addition to interior design, Richard Mishaan Design can also perform architectural work and landscape architecture. His designs feature a lot of liveliness and personal expression. He has a discerning eye for bringing different pieces together in a way that is both pleasing and functional. His website includes numerous examples of his work with many featuring bold colors and interesting textiles. His work has also been featured on Elle Decor and has been described as carefree glamor. Richard Mishaan Design was also named one to the A-list of design firms and one of the nation’s 60 top talents. Additionally, the Editor-in-Chief of Town & Country described Richard Mishaan Design as a company with a deep knowledge of both luxury and quality.

Richard Mishaan Design has been featured in two books that he had published through The Monacelli Press. Each is a large book meant for a coffee table. The first book he published was Modern Luxury and he followed this successful book up with another called Artfully Modern. In the books, he not only shows many of the designs he has come up with but also why.

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