How Mike Heiligenstein has improved Road Networks through CTRMA

Mike Heiligenstein is a revered administrator who holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree in government from the University of Texas. He served as the as the county commissioner of the Williamson County for about 14 years. Heiligenstein was appointed as the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority to serve as its executive director in 2003 and has been holding the position to date.

CTRMA is a company that is owned by the government and has been working to establish excellent road networks in the Travis and Williamson counties. Biz Journals said that Mike Heiligenstein gave his sentiments of on how Austin County was experiencing congestion in the recent days due to the increase in population.

Mike Heiligenstein believes that CTRMA has been doing its best to deal with the issue of traffic congestion. The company has constructed new roads in the past and is devoted to being innovative in all its civil engineering undertakings. The highways that it has established have great foot and cycling lanes.

CTRMA has done a lot to ensure that it reduces traffic congestion in the Travis and Williamson Counties. It has constructed highly modern and innovative road networks that have significantly bettered the flow of traffic in the area.

The Mobility Authority has bettered transport between the Leander and Cedar Park by constructing an improved highway that is called the 183A toll road. The road is relatively wide and has assisted in the easing mobility in the area despite the rapid growth of the population. The CTRMA also tripled the size of the U.S. 290 toll road so as to better the traffic flow between Manor and Austin.

Another significant step that has been made by the Mobility Authority is the development of the MoPac Express Lanes. The organization has ensured that innovative technology is used on the highway. It has various automatic features that make it easy for motorists to drive on the roads. An example is the fiber lines that detect drivers who are driving in the wrong lane.

Mike also said that CTRMA has worked with various firms to reduce congestion on the roads. The Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization has assisted it ensuring the efficiency of the Highway Emergency Response Operator (HERO), which is a body that helps motorists in repairing minor breakdowns on the highways.

It has also been encouraging sharing of vehicles by the community by using Carma, a popular carpooling application. The Mobility Authority has teamed up with Metropolia to develop a mobile phone application that works with the traffic control program to guide travelers on the less congested roads that they can use.