CTRMA: Transforming the Transport Sector of Travis and Williamson Counties

Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority is an agency that was formed in 2002. The primary role of the agency was to improve the transport sector of the Travis and Williamson Counties. Their mission is to implement solutions that are going to reduce congestion and enhance the quality of life. The agency was created to operate under the Texas Transportation Code Chapter 370.



Other interesting facts about CTRMA include:



ü It is an independent government agency. The agency does not have taxation authority. It has the power and mandate to generate revenue from different sources. CTRMA is allowed to sell security bonds. The bonds contribute 70% of the total revenue the other 30% is produced from the public sources.



ü Seven members govern the agency. The members are appointed by both Counties and the chairman in nominated by the Governor of the State. Both Travis and Williamson elect three members each to the panel. The governing board is a male dominated group as they have only one female elected to the board.



ü The chairman is compensated well. CTRMA has generated over $1.8 billion in revenue, and thus they can afford to pay the director well. The head of the governing board is paid more than the Director of the Texas Department of Transportation.



ü They have designed apps that offer roadside assistance. The motorists can use the Highway Emergency Response Operator to request for help when they are stranded. The team provides the drivers with water and offers other forms of assistance as they are waiting for help.



ü They launched the MoPac Improvement Project. The project added an express toll lane which will reduce congestion on the roads.



About Mike Heiligenstein



He is the Executive Director of the agency, and he has been serving since 2003. Mike was selected from three finalists by the Governor of Texas.



Mike has been an active member of the public city council. Before joining CTRMA, Mike has served eight years as a Council Member of the Round Rock and 15 years the County Commissioner of Williamson.



In 2009, he was named as a member of the Texas Transportation Institute Advisory Council. Mike also serves as a board member in other organizations that include Tunnel and Turnpike Association, the International Bridge and Envision Central Texas among others.



Mike holds a bachelor’s degree and two master’s degrees from the University of Texas.


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