Boraie Development Celebrates Cinema Through Sponsorship of Film Series

Many people can probably remember the first time that they went to the movies. For many people the first time that they saw movie stars or their favorite fictional character looming large across the screen for the very first time is an experience that they will probably never forget. There are very few forms of art that can capture the human imagination the way that movies can or that can captivate audiences the way that movies can. Part of the magic of cinema is that it allows people to escape by inviting them into a world that is often very different from the one that they live in. Movies can take viewers to mythical lands that are filled with elves and dragons or to civilizations and events that have long since passed such as the French Revolutionary War. The reason that the medium never gets old is that it can take any idea or an experience and create it anew for the people that are watching.

Though the founders like Omar Boraie of the company Boraie Development, LLC are in the business of creating the development projects that architects and city planners dream of, the company has also demonstrated an appreciation for the role that art can play in making a community a desirable place to live. After all it is not enough for residents to merely have visually pleasing houses to live in. A strong local community must also have interesting things for its residents to do. Boraie Development recognizes this and to that end in 2016 it helped to bring a summer event back to its hometown of New Brunswick, New Jersey.

Boraie Development partnered with a local arts venue and co-sponsored a handful of movie screenings that the venue put on. The screenings were meaningful because they celebrated the art of filmmaking but because through Boraie Development, LLC’s sponsorship of the screenings the art venue was able to offer the screenings to members of the community at no charge. Boraie Development’s co-sponsorship helped to offset the cost of the events and helped the arts organization to reach thousands of people that summer.

Boraie Development is a business that is owned and run by members of the Boraie family, reveals Rutgers. The business grew out of the family patriarch’s efforts to revitalize real estate in a New Jersey city nearly fifty years ago. Boraie Development was one of the pioneers of the local real estate industry in the Garden State and it has now gone on to lead projects that have changed the appearance of local communities for the better.