A Review Of Services Provided By UKV PLC

UKV PLC is a UK-based wine investment firm comprised of dedicated wine experts whose role is to help clients select the most suitable champagne or fine wine for their occasions. By virtue of being an autonomous firm, UKV isn’t limited or tied to a specific supply chain. This means it has the ability to avail wines from different parts of the world.

The company works in conjunction with its extensive network of traders, merchants, and brokers to source for some of the most highly-sought wines. Since its formation, UKV’s primary business has been the acquisition and supply of bonded wine and champagne at its trading floor.

UKV PLC undertakes this on behalf of its trade customers and private individuals. It similarly supplies wine and champagne for both consumption and investment. Brokerage services are also offered to individuals who wish to trade in investment-grade wine held in UK-regulated bonds.

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Services Offered

UKV PLC offers various services and products including storage, valuation, brokerage, wine collection, and information delivery. The firm stores wine for and on behalf of its clients at the London City Bond, which is one of the most renowned private tax warehouses in the UK. Here, the wine is kept in the most ideal storage conditions to guarantee maximum provenance and profitability.

Free and no obligation services are also offered by the company to clients who want to obtain the current valuation of their wines. This evaluation is undertaken by experienced fine wine specialists, and is based on prevailing global market demand, popularity, and the availability of the wines both locally and on the international market. UKV PLC’s clients can have their wines evaluation at any time provided that they submit a request.

Wine Collection

To offer its outstanding wines, the firm ensures that it has a collection team strategically placed in all the leading wine production regions of the world. This is what has enabled UKV PLC to have its extensive portfolio of exclusive wines from notable labels and vineyards. The company has taken full advantage of the concept of collecting wine for financial gain since it understands that wine has been a tradable commodity for decades. This is what has enabled it to gain eminence in the competitive market.